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PA5149U-1BRS laptop battery for Toshiba Tecra Z40T-A1410 Z50-A-11H

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338794-001 battery for PAVILION ZD7000 PAVILION ZD7001EA

We provide replacement HP 338794-001 laptop battery. It is replacement for your HP 338794-001 battery with high quality. The HP 338794-001 Laptop Battery is designed to be 100% manufacturer compatible with HP part numbers or models.
338794-001 342661-001 345027-001 DM842A PP2182D PP2182L
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(Item Code: LHP009)

UL, CSA, ETL, and CE Certifications
HP 338794-001 laptop battery

laptop battery

100% Guarantee Quality and Fully Test!
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Battery Type: Li-ion
Color: dark grey
Dimension: 272.70x79.05x25.00 mm
Capacity: 6600.00 mAh
Volt: 14.80 V
Original Price: US $101.25
Special Price: US $:81.00
IN STOCK (Updated On January,2018)
  • Brand New,1 year Warranty!
  • shopping with us is safe and secure!
  • 30 Day Money Back,fast shipping 3-5 days arrive!Good online service!
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All our discount HP 338794-001 laptop batteries are brand new, high capacity, li-ion, rechargeable and made with high quality cells. replacement for PAVILION ZD7000 PAVILION ZD7001EA laptop batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM (original) specifications backed by 1 year warranty,30 days money back guarantee and fast shipping 3-5 days arrive.
Replace battery part number:
    338794-001 342661-001
    345027-001 DM842A
    PP2182D PP2182L
  • This battery is also compatible with the following models :

    Media Center ZD7000 Series
    Media Center ZD8210CA
    Pavilion ZD7000 Series
    Pavilion ZD7000-DF867AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DF869AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DF871AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DN730AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DP079AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DP080AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DP081AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DU886AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DU887AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DU888AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-PD293AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-PD294AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-PD295AV
    Pavilion ZD7001EA
    Pavilion ZD7001EA-DP353E
    Pavilion ZD7001EA-DP763E
    Pavilion ZD7001US
    Pavilion ZD7001US-DM793A
    Pavilion ZD7001US-DM793AR
    Pavilion ZD7005EA-DV269E
    Pavilion ZD7005QV-DR341U
    Pavilion ZD7005QV-DR341UR
    Pavilion ZD7005US
    Pavilion ZD7005US-DP448U
    Pavilion ZD7009EA-DR768E
    Pavilion ZD7010CA
    Pavilion ZD7010CA-DR340U
    Pavilion ZD7010CA-DR340UR
    Pavilion ZD7010EA-DP764E
    Pavilion ZD7010QV
    Pavilion ZD7010QV-DM794A
    Pavilion ZD7010US
    Pavilion ZD7010US-DM788A
    Pavilion ZD7010US-DM788AR
    Pavilion ZD7012EA-DR769E
    Pavilion ZD7015EA
    Pavilion ZD7015EA-DP769E
    Pavilion ZD7015US-DT859U
    Pavilion ZD7015US-DT859UR
    Pavilion ZD7020EA-DV268E
    Pavilion ZD7020US-DR089U
    Pavilion ZD7020US-DR089UR
    Pavilion ZD7030EA-DP765E
    Pavilion ZD7030US
    Pavilion ZD7030US-DM790A
    Pavilion ZD7030US-DM790AR
    Pavilion ZD7035EA-DP768E
    Pavilion ZD7038
    Pavilion ZD7038EA-DR770E
    Pavilion ZD7040EA
    Pavilion ZD7040EA-DP761E
    Pavilion ZD7040EA-DP762E
    Pavilion ZD7040US
    Pavilion ZD7040US-DM789A
    Pavilion ZD7040US-DM789AR
    Pavilion ZD7045EA-DY625E
    Pavilion ZD7048CL-DM792A
    Pavilion ZD7048EA-DV275E
    Pavilion ZD7049EA-DY627E
    Pavilion ZD7050EA-DP767E
    Pavilion ZD7050EA-DP770E
    Pavilion ZD7050US-DT860U
    Pavilion ZD7055EA-DV274E
    Pavilion ZD7058CL
    Pavilion ZD7058CL-DM791A
    Pavilion ZD7058CL-DM791AR
    Pavilion ZD7060EA-DV271E
    Pavilion ZD7063EA-DV272E
    Pavilion ZD7065EA-DY624E
    Pavilion ZD7066EA
    Pavilion ZD7066EA-DV277E
    Pavilion ZD7070EA
    Pavilion ZD7070EA-DP766E
    Pavilion ZD7080EA-DY626E
    Pavilion ZD7101-DP684AS
    Pavilion ZD7101US-DS490U
    Pavilion ZD7101US-DS490UR
    Pavilion ZD7102US-DZ378U
    Pavilion ZD7102US-DZ378UR
    Pavilion ZD7112EA-PB945EA
    Pavilion ZD7120EA-DV276E
    Pavilion ZD7128EA-PB948EA
    Pavilion ZD7129EA
    Pavilion ZD7129EA-DV270E
    Pavilion ZD7131EA-PB946EA
    Pavilion ZD7139EA-PB951EA
    Pavilion ZD7140US
    Pavilion ZD7140US-DS487U
    Pavilion ZD7140US-DS487UR
    Pavilion ZD7141EA-PB949EA
    Pavilion ZD7143EA-PB944EA
    Pavilion ZD7144EA-PB947EA
    Pavilion ZD7145EA-PB950EA
    Pavilion ZD7150EA-DP685AS
    Pavilion ZD7160CA-DZ379U
    Pavilion ZD7160CA-DZ379UR
    Pavilion ZD7160US
    Pavilion ZD7160US-DS488U
    Pavilion ZD7160US-DS488UR
    Pavilion ZD7167EA-PB952EA
    Pavilion ZD7168CL-DS491U
    Pavilion ZD7168CL-DS491UR
    Pavilion ZD7168EA-PB941EA
    Pavilion ZD7168US
    Pavilion ZD7169EA-PB943EA
    Pavilion ZD7170EA-PB942EA
    Pavilion ZD7180US
    Pavilion ZD7180US-DS489U
    Pavilion ZD7180US-DS489UR
    Pavilion ZD7188CL-DS492U
    Pavilion ZD7188CL-DS492UR
    Pavilion ZD7188US
    Pavilion ZD7198CL
    Pavilion ZD7198CL-DV601U
    Pavilion ZD7198CL-DV601UR
    Pavilion ZD7201US-PF168UA
    Pavilion ZD7201US-PF168UAR
    Pavilion ZD7228EA-PH982EA
    Pavilion ZD7229EA-PH986EA
    Pavilion ZD7230EA-PB955EA
    Pavilion ZD7230US-PF169UA
    Pavilion ZD7230US-PF169UAR
    Pavilion ZD7235EA-PH980EA
    Pavilion ZD7236EA-PH983EA
    Pavilion ZD7245EA-PB958EA
    Pavilion ZD7248EA-PH981EA
    Pavilion ZD7249CL-PF166UA
    Pavilion ZD7249CL-PF166UAR
    Pavilion ZD7250EA-PH977EA
    Pavilion ZD7255EA-PB959EA
    Pavilion ZD7256EA-PH985EA
    Pavilion ZD7257EA-PH979EA
    Pavilion ZD7257EA-PH987EA
    Pavilion ZD7258EA-PB954EA
    Pavilion ZD7258EA-PB956EA
    Pavilion ZD7259EA-PH984EA
    Pavilion ZD7260EA-PB953EA
    Pavilion ZD7260US-PF163UA
    Pavilion ZD7260US-PF163UAR
    Pavilion ZD7265EA-PB960EA
    Pavilion ZD7267EA-PH978EA
    Pavilion ZD7269CL-PF167UA
    Pavilion ZD7269CL-PF167UAR
    Pavilion ZD7270EA-PB957EA
    Pavilion ZD7280US-PF164UA
    Pavilion ZD7280US-PF164UAR
    Pavilion ZD7310CA-PM020UA
    Pavilion ZD7310CA-PM020UAR
    Pavilion ZD7310US-PM016UA
    Pavilion ZD7310US-PM016UAR
    Pavilion ZD7320EA-PN599EA
    Pavilion ZD7340EA-PH990EA
    Pavilion ZD7341EA-PN597EA
    Pavilion ZD7342EA-PQ828EA
    Pavilion ZD7348EA-PN590EA
    Pavilion ZD7349EA-PN598EA
    Pavilion ZD7350EA-PH991EA
    Pavilion ZD7360US-PM019UA
    Pavilion ZD7360US-PM019UAR
    Pavilion ZD7373EA-PN603EA
    Pavilion ZD7374EA-PN601EA
    Pavilion ZD7375EA-PH988EA
    Pavilion ZD7376EA-PN596EA
    Pavilion ZD7377EA-PN591EA
    Pavilion ZD7378EA-PN594EA
    Pavilion ZD7379EA-PH989EA
    Pavilion ZD7380 US-PM021UAR
    Pavilion ZD7380EA-PN600EA
    Pavilion ZD7380US-PM021UA
    Pavilion ZD7381EA-PN595EA
    Pavilion ZD7382EA-PQ827EA
    Pavilion ZD7383EA-PN604EA
    Pavilion ZD7385EA-PQ829EA
    Pavilion ZD7389CL-PM018UA
    Pavilion ZD7389CL-PM018UAR
    Pavilion ZD7390EA-PN592EA
    Pavilion ZD7392EA-PN602EA
    Pavilion ZD7395EA-PN593EA
    Pavilion ZD7998US
    Pavilion ZD7998US-DP447U
    Pavilion ZD7999US
    Pavilion ZD7999US-DP446U


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    If your HP 338794-001 342661-001 345027-001 DM842A PP2182D PP2182L laptop battery is failing or your notebook battery is out of power and you have to let your laptop go on working, you should go for a high quality battery urgently and it is not very expensive, maybe you feel like to order a replacement HP laptop battery online. We will tell you how to purchase a replacement HP 338794-001 342661-001 345027-001 DM842A PP2182D PP2182L battery online.

    • HP 338794-001 laptop battery uses the highest quality cells.
    • HP 338794-001 laptop battery 100% Q.C. of EVERY product. Extended run time.
    • Price Match Guarantee!Excellent Service,Delivery Fast if you order the HP 338794-001 laptop battery.
    • 30 Days Money back warranty for HP 338794-001 laptop battery!
    • HP 338794-001 laptop battery will arrive you in the 3 to 5 business days with tracking number !
    • 1 year Warranty Free Replacement for HP 338794-001 laptop battery.
    • brand new, rechargeable Li-ion HP 338794-001 battery for PAVILION ZD7000 PAVILION ZD7001EA .
    • If you need the battery for PAVILION ZD7000 PAVILION ZD7001EA , please do not just see it, and buy it on We will offer you the best quality PAVILION ZD7000 PAVILION ZD7001EA battery with the cheapest price!
    • If you need another HP laptop battery for your model, and you could not find it on our website, please contact us. Our customer service professional may be able to find the product or information that you are looking for or help you refine your search.

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    How to charge your new replacement laptop battery?

    For initial use, it is always advisable to discharge the battery to 3% only and then fully charge it (approx 12 hrs).
    Do NOT let the battery discharge to 0% initially, as it makes the battery prone to damage/short battery life/not holding the charge issues.
    Battery once used must be recharged within 2 days without fail with above 50% before using it else it will cause damage/short battery life issues/not holding the charge issues.
    Battery needs a cycle of discharging to 3% and then fully charging twice a week.Â

    Battery Usage Tips

    Turn down the LCD brightness of your portable device.
    Use built-in power management on your portable device.
    Turn off LCD or other unnecessary accessories when not in use.
    Set screen saver blank to 1 to 2 minutes of your notebook.
    Add more RAM if you have extra RAM expansion slot, it will reduce the usage of hard drive and it is power exhaustive.
    Close unused software in your notebook.
    Remove unused PC Cards or USB devices from your notebook.
    Don't watch DVD or play graphics intensive video games.
    Don't short circuit terminal or store your battery pack with metal parts.
    Don't drop or mutilate the battery pack.
    Don't expose to moisture or water.
    It is normal to get warm when charging or normal use. If it is getting too hot, there may be a problem with the device and qualified personnel should check it.

    Disclaimer: The batteries and other products supplied by Gold Sea Business Limited/ Ever Power industrial development limited are replacement products.Our Company and website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to any manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers.Our products are replacement batteries and 100% compatible for your laptop.The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only.


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