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75W AC adapter for toshiba Satellite 1400 1405 1410 1415 1800 1805 series

75W AC adapter for toshiba Satellite 1400 1405 1410 1415 1800 1805 series. Lowest Prices. FAST Same Day Shipping. Guaranteed Quality from new 75W AC adapter for toshiba Satellite 1400 1405 1410 1415 1800 1805 series is 100% compatible with your TOSHIBA Laptop,Order your replacement ac adapter backed by our 30 day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty and no-risk secure online ordering.
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(Item Code: ATO001)

  • Quality Assurance !
  • Price Match Guarantee !
  • 30 Days Money back warranty !
  • 1 year Free Replacement.
AC Input: 100 ~ 240V , 50~60Hz
DC Output: 15V , 5A , 75W
Item: Includes Adapter and power Cord
Price: US $:25.00
  • Service & Support 1 year warranty.
  • Designed exclusively for use with the laptops 100% compatibility with the original.
  • Replacement power supply AC power adapter was tested to match and/or exceed original product at low price.
  • Buy this item today is cheapest, on the already low price!
  • All products discount up to 20%!
Compatible Part Number:
Connector: 6.3MM-3.0MM

PA2521U-2ACA, PA3083U-1ACA, PA3201U-1ACA, PA3215U,PA3215U-1ACA,PA3241U,PA3241U-1ACA, PA3283U-1ACA, PA3283U-2ACA ,PA3092U ,PA2444U, PA3048U,PA3282U-2ACA, PA3283U-1ACA, PA3083U-1ACA, PA3292U-1ACA ,PA2301U-1ACA
Compatible Model Number:
Satellite 1400 Series Satellite 1400, Satellite 1400-103, Satellite 1400-153E,
Satellite 1400-253S, Satellite 1400-303, Satellite 1400-503, Satellite 1400-553S,
Satellite 1400-604, Satellite 1400-D07, Satellite 1400-S151, Satellite 1400-S152,
Satellite 1405 Series Satellite 1405-S151, Satellite 1405-S152, Satellite 1405-S171,
Satellite 1405-S172 Satellite 1410 Series
Satellite 1415 Series

Satellite 1800 Series Satellite 1800, Satellite 1800-100, Satellite 1800-200,
Satellite 1800-204, Satellite 1800-254S, Satellite 1800-303, Satellite 1800-314,
Satellite 1800-354S, Satellite 1800-364, Satellite 1800-364E, Satellite 1800-400,
Satellite 1800-412, Satellite 1800-452E, Satellite 1800-4K1, Satellite 1800-504,
Satellite 1800-514, Satellite 1800-554S,

Satellite 1800-614, Satellite 1800-654S, Satellite 1800-700, Satellite 1800-712,
Satellite 1800-750, Satellite 1800-752S, Satellite 1800-804, Satellite 1800-814,
Satellite 1800-911, Satellite 1800-921, Satellite 1800-A110, Satellite 1800-A310,
Satellite 1800-A311, Satellite 1800-A330, Satellite 1800-A410, Satellite 1800-A420,
Satellite 1800-A430, Satellite 1800-A431,

Satellite 1800-HV9, Satellite 1800-HVP, Satellite 1800-S100, Satellite 1800-S200,
Satellite 1800-S203, Satellite 1800-S204, Satellite 1800-S206, Satellite 1800-S207,
Satellite 1800-S233, Satellite 1800-S253, Satellite 1800-S254, Satellite 1800-S256,
Satellite 1800-S274, Satellite 1800-S314, Satellite 1800-S400, Satellite 1800-S700,
Satellite 1805 sereis Satellite 1805-S154,

Satellite 1805-S177, Satellite 1805-S203, Satellite 1805-S204, Satellite 1805-S207,
Satellite 1805-S208, Satellite 1805-S253, Satellite 1805-S254, Satellite 1805-S255,
Satellite 1805-S273, Satellite 1805-S274, Satellite 1805-S278, Satellite 1800-654S VF1

Satellite 2400 Series Satellite 2400, Satellite 2400-A620, Satellite 2400-S201,
Satellite 2400-S202, Satellite 2400-S251, Satellite 2400-S252, Satellite 2400-UJX,
Satellite 2405 Series Satellite 2405-S201, Satellite 2405-S202, Satellite 2405-S221
Satellite 2410 Series Satellite 2410, Satellite 2410 SMALL BUSINESS, Satellite 2410-S185,

Satellite 2410-S203, Satellite 2410-S204, Satellite 2410-S205, Satellite 2410-S206 ,
Satellite 2410-SP205 Satellite 2415 Series Satellite 2415-S203, Satellite 2415-S205,
Satellite 2415-S206, Satellite 2415-SP205 Satellite 2415 Series

Satellite 2450 Series Satellite 2455 Series Satellite 2500CDS, Satellite 2500CDT,
Satellite 2505CDS, Satellite 2505CDT, Satellite 2510CDS, Satellite 2515,
Satellite 2515CDS, Satellite 2520CDS, Satellite 2520CDT, Satellite 2530CDS,
Satellite 2535, Satellite 2535CDS, Satellite 2540CDS, Satellite 2540CDT,
Satellite 2540XCDT, Satellite 2545CDS, Satellite 2545XCDT,

Satellite 2550, Satellite 2550CDS, Satellite 2550CDT, Satellite 2590,
Satellite 2590CDS, Satellite 2590CDT, Satellite 2590XDVD, Satellite 2595CDS,
Satellite 2595CDT, Satellite 2595XDVD

Satellite 5000 Series Satellite 5000, Satellite 5000-104, Satellite 5000-X1Z,
Satellite 5000-X59, Satellite 5000-Z59, Satellite 5005 series Satellite 5005-S503,
Satellite 5005-S504, Satellite 5005-S507, Satellite 5005-S508

Some Satellite 5100 Series (these models only): Satellite 5100, Satellite 5100-046,
Satellite 5100-201, Satellite 5100-501, Satellite 5100-503, Satellite 5100-603,
Satellite 5100-A740, Satellite 5100-A741, Satellite 5100-A801, Satellite 5100-A902,
Satellite 5105 series Satellite 5105-S501, Satellite 5105-S-501, Satellite 5105-S502,
Satellite 5105-S607, Satellite 5105-S608, Satellite 5105-S701, Satellite 5105-S702,
Satellite 5105-S901

Satellite 5200 Series Satellite 5200, Satellite 5200-00E, Satellite 5200-701,
Satellite 5200-702, Satellite 5200-703, Satellite 5200-711, Satellite 5200-801,
Satellite 5200-802, Satellite 5200-803, Satellite 5200-901, Satellite 5200-902,
Satellite 5200-903, Satellite 5200-P0E, Satellite 5200-S701, Satellite 5205 series
Satellite 5205-S119, Satellite 5205-S503, Satellite 5205-S504, Satellite 5205-S505,
Satellite 5205-S506, Satellite 5205-S5151, Satellite 5205-S703,

Satellite 5205-S704, Satellite 5205-S705, Satellite 5205-SP119, Satellite 5205-SP505
Satellite A10 Series Satellite A10-S127, Satellite A10-S128, Satellite A10-S129,
Satellite A10-S1291, Satellite A10-S167, Satellite A10-S169, Satellite A10-S1691,
Satellite A10-S177, Satellite A10-S178, Satellite A10,

Satellite A10 Small Business Series, Satellite A10-5WM,

Satellite A10-A430, Satellite A10-A431, Satellite A10-C8M, Satellite A10-HVM,
Satellite A10-REH, Satellite A10-S100, Satellite A10-S1001, Satellite A10-S103,
Satellite A10-S113, Satellite A10-S127, Satellite A10-S128, Satellite A10-S129,
Satellite A10-S1291, Satellite A10-S129-WiFi, Satellite A10-S167, Satellite A10-S168,
Satellite A10-S169, Satellite A10-S177, Satellite A10-S178, Satellite A10-S203,
Satellite A10-S213, Satellite A10-S310, Satellite A10-S403D,

Satellite A10-S440, Satellite A10-S503, Satellite A10-S513, Satellite A10-S703,
Satellite A10-SP127, Satellite A10-SP177

Satellite A15 Series Satellite A15-S127, Satellite A15-S128, Satellite A15-S129,
Satellite A15-S1291, Satellite A15-S1292, Satellite A15-S157, Satellite A15-S158,
Satellite A15-S1692, Satellite A15-S127, Satellite A15-S1271, Satellite A15-S128,
Satellite A15-S129, Satellite A15-S1291, Satellite A15-S1292, Satellite A15-S157,
Satellite A15-S158, Satellite A15-S159, Satellite A15-SP127, Satellite A15-SP177

Satellite A50 Series Satellite A55 Series Satellite A55-S106 , Satellite A55-S1063,
Satellite A55-S306 , Satellite A55-S3061, Satellite A55-S3062, Satellite A55-S1064
Satellite M10 Series Satellite M15 Series

All Satellite M20 Series Satellite M20-S257, Satellite M20-S258, Satellite M20-S610,
Satellite M20 Small Business Series

Satellite M25 Series Satellite M25

Satellite M30 Series Satellite M30, Satellite M30-001, Satellite M30-00K,
Satellite M30/00R00F, Satellite M30-103, Satellite M30-104, Satellite M30-106,
Satellite M30-107, Satellite M30-154, Satellite M30-204, Satellite M30-241,
Satellite M30-261, Satellite M30-304, Satellite M30-344, Satellite M30-345,
Satellite M30-354, Satellite M30-404, Satellite M30-604, Satellite M30-632,

Satellite M30-642, Satellite M30-704, Satellite M30-710, Satellite M30-730,
Satellite M30-731, Satellite M30-742, Satellite M30-760, Satellite M30-801,
Satellite M30-832, Satellite M30-841, Satellite M30-842, Satellite M30-852,
Satellite M30-853, Satellite M30-861, Satellite M30-901,

Satellite M30-941, Satellite M30-7301, Satellite M30-7301B, Satellite M30/D00F,
Satellite M30/K00F, Satellite M30/R00F, Satellite M30-PM725B, Satellite M30-PM725G,
Satellite M30-Q31, Satellite M30-S309, Satellite M30-S350, Satellite M30-S350 SB,
Satellite M30-S725B, Satellite M30-S725G, Satellite M30-S730, Satellite M30-S731,
Satellite M30-S734B, Satellite M30-S734G,

Satellite M30-S735B, Satellite M30-S735G, Satellite M30-S760, Satellite M30-S760B,
Satellite M30-S3091, Satellite M30-S3501, Satellite M30-S7301, Satellite M30-S7301B,
Satellite M30-S7302B, Satellite M30-S7302G, Satellite M30 Small Business Series,
Satellite M30-SP350,

Satellite M30 Special Edition, Satellite M30-UU9, Satellite M30-YSJ, Satellite M30,
Satellite M30-304, Satellite M30-344, Satellite M30-345, Satellite M30-Q31,
Satellite M30-S309, Satellite M30-S3091

Satellite M35 Series Satellite M35-S309, Satellite M35-S320, Satellite M35-S359,
Satellite M35-S456, Satellite M35-S3091, Satellite M35-S3201, Satellite M35-S3591,
Satellite M35-S3592, Satellite M35-S4561, Satellite M35-SP350, Satellite M35-SP3501,
Satellite M35,Satellite M35-S309, Satellite M35-S3091, Satellite M35-S359,
Satellite M35-S3591, Satellite M35-S3592

Satellite M40 Series Satellite M40, Satellite M40 (DDR2), Satellite M40-JM3,
Satellite M40-JM8, Satellite M40-P535, Satellite M40-P545, Satellite M40-P5351,
Satellite M40-S417TD, Satellite M40-S4111TD, Satellite M40-S4172TD,
Satellite M40-S5181TD, Satellite M40-SF3, Satellite M40-YP3, Satellite M40/037009,
Satellite M40/038009, Satellite M40/03K009

Satellite M45 Series Satellite M45, Satellite M45-S265, Satellite M45-S269,
Satellite M45-S331,Satellite M45-S351, Satellite M45-S355, Satellite M45-S359,
Satellite M45-S2651, Satellite M45-S2652, Satellite M45-S2691, Satellite M45-S2692,
Satellite M45-S3311, Satellite M45-S3511, Satellite M45-S3551, Satellite M45-S3552,
Satellite M45-S3553, Satellite M45-S3591, Satellite M45-SP351, Satellite M45-SP355

Satellite M50 Series Satellite M50 Series, Satellite M50-101, Satellite M50-105,
Satellite M50-106, Satellite M50-109, Satellite M50-115, Satellite M50-122,
Satellite M50-126, Satellite M50-130, Satellite M50-137, Satellite M50-138,
Satellite M50-141, Satellite M50-142, Satellite M50-143, Satellite M50-156,

Satellite M50-157, Satellite M50-159, Satellite M50-161, Satellite M50-180,
Satellite M50-181, Satellite M50-182, Satellite M50-MX2, Satellite M50-MX5,
Satellite M50-P330, Satellite M50-P340, Satellite M50-P345, Satellite M50-P3451,
Satellite M50-S418TD,

Satellite M50-S4182TD, Satellite M50-S5181TD, Satellite M50-YK5
Satellite M55 Series Satellite M55-S135, Satellite M55-S325, Satellite M55-S329,
Satellite M55-S1351, Satellite M55-S1352, Satellite M55-S2252, Satellite M55-S2253,
Satellite M55-S3251,Satellite M55-S3262, Satellite M55-S3291, Satellite M55-SP325,
Satellite M55-SP3252

Qosmio E10 E15 F10 F15 F25 series

All Satellite R10 Series including: Satellite R10, Satellite R10-S613,
Satellite R10-S802TD, Satellite R10-S804TD, Satellite R10-S820

All Satellite R15 Series including: Satellite R15, Satellite R15-S822,
Satellite R15-S8222, Satellite R15-S829

All Satellite R20 Series including: Satellite R20-ST4113

All Satellite R25 Series including: Satellite R25

All Satellite U200 Series including: Satellite U200, Satellite U205

All Satellite Pro 6000 Series including: Satellite Pro 6000,
Satellite Pro 6050, Satellite Pro 6070

All Satellite Pro 6100 Series including: Satellite Pro 6100

All Satellite Pro M10 Series including: Satellite Pro M10,
Satellite Pro M10-S405, Satellite Pro M10-S406, Satellite Pro M10-SP405

All Satellite Pro M15 Series including: Satellite Pro M15,
Satellite Pro M15-S405, Satellite Pro M15-S406

All Portege 2000 Series including: Portege 2000, Portege 2010
All Portege 3500 Series including: Portege 3500, Portege 3500 Tablet PC,
Portege 3505 Tablet PC
All Portege 4000 Series including: Portege 4000, Portege 4005, Portege 4010
All Portege M100 Series including: Portege M100

Some Portege M200 Series (these models only): Portege M200, Portege M205-S209,
Portege M205-S809, Portege M205-S810, Portege M200 0086E, Portege M200 02QH1,
Portege M200-19T114, Portege M200-19T294, Portege M200-101, Portege M200-102,
Portege M200-106, Portege M200-122, Portege M200-152, Portege M200-170,
Portege M200-171, Portege M200-172, Portege M200-173, Portege M200 MA,
Portege M200-S218TD, Portege M200-S838

All Portege M400 Series including: Portege M400, Portege M405, Portege M400-100,
Portege M400-120, Portege M400-40, Portege M400-60, Portege M400-80, Portege M400-S933,
Portege M405-100

All Portege R200 Series including: Portege R200

All Portege S100 Series including: Portege S100-S113, Portege S100-S1132, Portege S100-S213, Portege S105-S1133

All Tecra 9000 Series including: Tecra 9000
All Tecra 9100 Series including: Tecra 9100

All Tecra A1 Series including: Tecra A1
All Tecra A2 Series including: Tecra A2 Al l Tecra A3 Series
including: Tecra A3

All Tecra A4 Series including: Tecra A4
All Tecra A5 Series including: Tecra A5, Tecra A5-100, Tecra A5-40, Tecra A5-60,
Tecra A5-80, Tecra A5-S516, Tecra A5-SP559

All Tecra A8 Series including: Tecra A8
All Tecra M1 Series including: Tecra M1
All Tecra M2 Series including: Tecra M2, Tecra M2V

All Tecra M2V Series including: Tecra M2V, Tecra M2V-S310, Tecra M2V-S330,
Tecra M2V-S3302

All Tecra M3 Series including: Tecra M3 All Tecra M4 Series

including: Tecra M4
All Tecra M5 Series
including: Tecra M5, Tecra M5-100, Tecra M5-120, Tecra M5-40, Tecra M5-60,
Tecra M5-80, Tecra M5-S433

All Tecra M6 Series including: Tecra M6
All Tecra M7 Series including: Tecra M7

All Tecra S1 Series including: Tecra S1
All Tecra S2 Series including: Tecra S2, Tecra S2-100, Tecra S2-60,
Tecra S2-40, Tecra S2-80

All Tecra S3 Series including: Tecra S3

All Tecra TE2000 Series including: Tecra TE2000
All Tecra TE2100 Series including: Tecra TE2100
All Tecra TE2300 Series including: Tecra TE2300

High Quality, Guarantee :
Brand new, never refurbished, factory direct price, 100% compatible, No memory effect. Hi-Capacity, Quality garantee, certification Fast shipping. We stand behind our 75W AC adapter for toshiba Satellite 1400 1405 1410 1415 1800 1805 series 100%.

Low Prices, Guarantee :
All laptop 75W AC adapter for toshiba Satellite 1400 1405 1410 1415 1800 1805 series at are all directly purchased from various reputable manufacturers in the world and have passed stringent quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards. Through this direct selling model, middleman cost is minimized.

Satisfaction Guarantee :
Our goal is to make sure you receive the best value of every purchase you make at our site. We want to be your number one choice 75W AC adapter for toshiba Satellite 1400 1405 1410 1415 1800 1805 series. If you have any question or suggestion about this laptop ac adapter, please contact us so we can offer you the most convenient service.

Secure Shopping Guarantee :
Shopping from us is safe and secure. None of our customers have ever reported fraudulent use of their credit cards as a result of shopping with us. You can be assured that the information you give us is confidential. We do not sell, rent or share information of our customers with other parties. guarantee your 75W AC adapter for toshiba Satellite 1400 1405 1410 1415 1800 1805 series transaction will be 100% safe.

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